Legacy Contract Auditing

Our Complete Audit Service is a fundamental and effective way of understanding how your organization compares to your peers and will help improve your contracts with suppliers. So let us audit your contracts and relationships for you. Contract Management Solutions procurement and recovery audit experts will conduct thorough invoice and contract reviews and will be provide cost recoveries when the audits reveal errors.
With years of experience in implementing best practices in contract management and strategic sourcing, Contract Management Solutions provides legacy contract audit services tailored to your organization’s needs. Changes in a company’s environment, whether as a result of a merger and acquisition or the launch of a new product, can often lead to a confused view of procurement operations and contract management. Without clear visibility into your spend, technology, current supplier contracts, etc., your procurement organization can easily fall out of alignment with your company’s strategic direction. An audit of your procurement operations can help. While an organizational change is often the catalyst for process improvement, best-in-class companies don’t wait for an issue to arise before thoroughly assessing and understanding the procurement function. For these companies, contract audits are a strategic measure to identify areas of opportunity whether it be in cost reduction, benchmarking current contracts, or improving overall operating efficiency. If you’re looking to enhance your procurement organization, recover money and expenses from suppliers, get control over your sales and use tax payments, or compare your suppliers and contracts to the market, Contract Management Solutions has the right contract audit services to meet your needs.