About CMS


Here at Contract Management Solutions, we want to

first and foremost, provide our clients and customers

an unparalleled degree of responsiveness to all of their

technology needs. As well, we will cultivate an

environment that will be a source of pride for every

employee and vendor that we work with. Employing

the highest level of negotiations, allows us to provide

an array of satisfied managed services. Our

employees aren’t the only important asset - we believe in our people; from our

vendors to our clients.

Our specialties include:

Contract Negotiation, Contract Drafting, Executive Summarization, Contract

Amendments, Acquisition Support, Divestiture Support, Negotiation Project

Management, Contract Life-cycle Management, Process Development,

Commercial Contracting Training

Industry Specialties:

Contract Management Solutions is a specialist consultancy tailored to serve the

oil and entertainment industries.

With over 20 years working experience within the contract negotiation and

services industry, we have in-depth knowledge of how to enable your business

and care for all your contractual needs.

We can take care of the contract management process from the initial request

stage, through to definition, draft, negotiation, authorization and execution..

We can take the lead and represent your interests in a negotiation or support

privately, whichever is appropriate to the situation.

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